October Events! Among Us, Yoga and a Halloween Raffle

Among Us Tournament, Yoga Class AND Halloween 50/50 Raffle!

Our HEC Team is excited to start our first events of the year. Come along, meet some of the Hokkaido community and enjoy! 


The first killer event is the Among Us Tournament. We are calling an *emergency meeting* for all players who want to cause some chaos together. 

Saturday, November 5th, from 5-8pm. 
1000 yen participation fee. 
Chance to win cash!
Information and registration are here


Unwind, reset and relax. Come join us for Yoga Class guided by HEC Director Megan Weiler. Everyone is welcome to enjoy this gentle yoga flow, from first-timers to everyday yogis. 

Thursday, October 27th at 6pm. 
750 yen participation fee. 
Information and registration are here


It’s spooooky raffle time! The winner will evaporate with an Amazon Gift Card treat of 50% of all donations. The rest will go to raising funds for HEC test prizes and the HEC English camp!

Tickets are on sale now and close on November 4th at 5pm. 
Starting from 1000 yen for 10 tickets!
Tickets and information are here.

If you have any questions don’t hesitate to contact HEC! You can find all contact details here
We can’t wait to see you soon!

Can’t attend but want to support HEC? Buy us a coffee here!

Happy New HEC Year!

  1. Happy New HEC Year!
  2. What is HEC?
  3. Camp News 
  4. Upcoming Events
  1. Happy New HEC Year 2022-2023

The new HEC year has just begun! We want to welcome you to a new year of exciting events and building connections between ALTs and students. The HEC team has new and old members collaborating to bring amazing events to fellow Hokkadians. See who they are here.

  1. What is HEC? 

HEC is the Hokkaido English Challenge. Every year, HEC hosts a test facilitated by ALTs for their students. This test aims to allow ALTs to support their students and let the students flex their English skills in creative ways. 

Top winning students are invited to an English camp. The HEC team designs an immersive English space for students to utilise their skills. During the year, HEC also hosts other events which aim to be fun and build connections within the Hokkaido community.

  1. Camp News 

Camp is coming back! Preparations are well underway. We are planning a safe and immersive English camp for the 1st year Junior High and High School students of Hokkaido. HEC hasn’t been able to host a camp for a few years, so we are excited and optimistic about this coming year. 

HEC is also chasing interest in camp volunteers. Many roles and opportunities are available. To learn more or sign up please head here.

  1. Upcoming Events

Starting the year, we will have a killer Among Us Tournament, Yoga Flow with Megan, and a spooooky Halloween Raffle. There are more details to come, so please keep updated on our news page, instagram or facebook.