About the Team

HEC Director – Queena Xu

Born and raised in California, now in her third year in Hokkaido, she’s dedicated to making sure HEC runs smoothly this year. She advocates for raising students’ confidence in English through positive experiences. For inquires about all things HEC, joining the team, or simply interested to know more, don’t hesitate to reach out!

Get in touch with Queena: hec@hajet.org

HEC Co-Director – Rose Nguyen

Joining us for a fourth year, Rose has given a helping hand to the HEC Team, volunteers, and camp participants since 2018. Feel free to contact her about any volunteer inquiries.

Get in touch with Rose: hec.recruitment@hajet.org

HEC Treasurer – Madison Perkins

Our new Treasurer, Madison, is working hard to keep track of all the finances to ensure this camp has the money to operate! She’s excited to help organize a fun camp this summer. 

Get in touch with Madison: treasurer.hec@hajet.org


HEC Camp Coordinator – Nicole Lozynsky

This year’s Camp Coordinator, Nicole, is committed to making HEC camp an unforgettable experience. She’s busy scheduling all the fun activities and making sure camp runs smoothly this year. She can’t wait to welcome everyone to camp next summer!

Get in touch with Nicole: heccamp@hajet.org

HEC Test Coordinator – Casey-Lyne Lodge

Back for the second year as Test Coordinator, Casey is hoping to make HEC successful this year along with the rest of the HEC team! She hopes that students in Hokkaido feel encouraged to speak and to wholeheartedly enjoy practicing their English skills.

If you have any questions about how the HEC test works or what students can expect, feel free to send her an email!

Get in touch with Casey: test.hec@hajet.org