HEC 2017 Information Packets and Promotional Flyers!

Hey fans and friends of HEC! Below are the information packets and promotional flyers for this year’s HEC! We’ll leave links to flyers for each school level, in both English and Japanese. Be sure to share them with any students or teachers who might be interested! HECの友達の皆さん、こんにちは!下にあるリンクは今年のHECの情報パッケトとプロモーションチラシです!中学校と高校レヴェルのバージョンもあり、英語と日本語バージョンは両方あります!ぜひ見て、興味がある生徒と先生に見せてください! 2017 HEC Info Pack – English 2017 HEC […]

HEC 2016 is July 30 – August 3

HEC Camp 2016 will take place from Saturday, July 30th to Wednesday, August 3rd at the Forest Park Campground in Higashikagura Application information for volunteers/junior leaders/students have already been sent out. If you have not received any information yet, please contact Sam at heccamp@hajet.org *** Only those who have completed the application AND received confirmation […]