November News! Sapporo Christmas Tour and HEC Test News!

Happy November! With the weather getting colder and Christmas looming, we have some events to celebrate what Hokkaido does best.

  1. Celebrating Sapporo’s stunning white Christmas with our first IN-PERSON event, The Sapporo Christmas Market Tour!
  2. HEC Test Registration is opening! Join in the tradition of engaging with students and having lots of fun with our HEC Test. 

This is our first in-person event in an age! Sapporo is stunning at Christmas, and our team want to show you where to go and how to see the best! 

December 3, 2022 
Odori Park at 5.30pm
1000 yen donation
Each entry goes into a lottery to win a Lucky Bag
Event Registration is here!


This is the big one at HEC HQ! We are excited to open registrations for the Hokkaido English Challenge Test on December 12. The HEC Test leads to the Summer Camp. Both events aim to connect students with the English speakers around them in fun ways. 

We have so much information to support getting your students signed up. For information on the HEC Test, please go to The Test – HEC ( You can also find our updated Test Package for 2022/23. 

We have just released an article on what to expect and how to get involved with the Summer Camp. So check it out here! 

Registration opens on December 12, 2022.
Closes February 10, 2023. 
3000 yen entrance fee
Can win up to 30,000 yen in English prizes. 
The top winners are invited to Summer Camp.